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Idina worked with animators to make elsa’s singing feel realistic. 
"They wanted to know how I sing, really, what do I do when I breath"

Everytime I see this I fall off my chair!! To think they took such details of Idina to animate Elsa <333333

and people say that disney was fucking lazy just because elsa/anna/and their mom look alike…. 

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Emma Swan/The Savior Jefferson/The Mad Hatter Prince Phillip Prince Charming/David Nolan Princess Aurora Henry Mills Belle French


OUAT 80/90’s Series: Part One

Started this series about a year ago for fun after seeing Mike Wrobel’s Game of Thrones set (which is totally awesome, you should check it out!), and I’m happy to say this one is finally finished!!! 

1 week ago

ouat meme: {3/6} scenes
             ↳This just makes me wonder how many times, while Snow was growing up, did Regina braid her hair or held her after nightmares for the ~sake of appearances~

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